Truckload Shipping (TL)

What is Truckload Shipping

When you hear the phrase “truckload shipping,” someone’s referring to the movement of large volumes of freight. You ship truckloads in containers which can handle up to 43,000 pounds or 45 pallets of goods. Standard dimensions for full truckload loads are 48 feet or 53 feet.

What Types of Loads Are There?

There’s the “full truckload load” (“FTL”) and “light truckload load” (“LTL”).

What Are the Differences?

LTLs usually move several loads from various shippers. FTL is the process of transporting larger volumes of a single company’s goods. These loads fill entire trailers.

Another difference is the method in which you form truckload freight rates and a LTL. Unlike LTLs, there’s no density-based pricing present in full truckload shipping. This is a guideline referred to as freight classification.

What Are the Advantages to My Business?

There are key benefits to the operation, including:


Truckload shipping is THE safest, fastest and secure way to move your products.

FTL shipping promises faster than LTL shipping because the delivery doesn’t require frequent stops. With LTL, routes include a number of destinations for dropping off and picking up freight. In the FTL, the truck’s dedicated to your load, promising a shorter transit time.

Less Handling

If just your freight’s in the trailer, there’s less loading and unloading and disruption of your packaging. That significantly reduces the risk of cargo damage. This is because your shipment is likely picked up once and dropped off once. There’s no disruption in route.


On average, LTLs are the most affordable of shipping options. However, depending on the volume and weight of the load, shipping FTL will be the most cost effective choice. Making several LTL shipments to carry a potentially single load is a waste of time and money.

Why Should My Business Choose Fargo EXP for Our Truckload Shipping Solution?

Fargo EXP gives you peace of mind when it comes to meeting your shipping obligations. We have an online track-and-trace service. This lets you know where your shipments, receipts, declarations and more are at any given time. We always answer the phone, ready to provide answers to your questions right away. You’ll never navigate an automated phone system.

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Let our shipping experts free up your time and take over the complex logistic puzzle that is your shipping. Let Fargo EXP work out how your freights get from A to point B on time and within budget. You take care of business operations. Let us do the heavy lifting!

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